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Check and Checkmate: Offensive Moves in Chess

A fascinating board game that is popularized in various nations, chess is proven by many scientists to be a sport that is capable of enhancing the mental abilities of players. According to studies, players' memory and cognition are improved when they play the game often. These researches proved that chess is a game that is suited for players who are willing to learn ways to successfully analyze a series of strategies.

Aside from learning the efficient strategies in the game, players must also know the special moves that will surely help them defeat other players. Having a background about these moves are important to prepare counter attacks in case their opponents used these against them. Some of these moves will enhance the defense system established by a player while others are applied to improve the offense system.

Check and checkmate are moves in the game that are crucial to the success of a player. If these moves are used properly, the player will have a great chance of winning. On the other hand, if the player's opponent made these moves, the player will surely be at risk. Both moves are intended to capture the most fragile piece in the game, the king.

Check is an offensive move done by players who wishes to pose a threat, attack or pin the king. When a king was checked by an opposing piece, a player must look for a move that will save the king or remove the piece from the threat. Players can move the king in a secured space or they can use another piece to block the path of the opposing piece. They can also captivate the opposing piece that posed the threat.

Checkmate is more threatening than a check. When this move is performed by a player, the game ends and the player wins because the king has no legal moves to make. In this case, players should have a closer look at the moves made by their opponent since the moves may eventually lead to a checkmate.

To avoid being placed in a check or checkmate, players are encouraged to use their abilities and skills to predict or analyze every move made in the game. The effective employment of chess strategies will also help players assess whether a check or checkmate will be performed. What is important is that players have knowledge about the impact of these special moves on the outcome of their games.

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