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Getting an Edge With the En Passant Move

Having a background on every legal move that can be performed in chess is important to beginners to have confidence when they play the game in formal events. In this case, it is more helpful if players first learn the basic moves of the different chess pieces. Upon learning the moves of every piece, players can now study the special moves in chess.

Castling, check, checkmate and the En Passant are the special moves that will help chess players have advantages in this game. However, players must know that they cannot just make these moves in a game. There are some rules that they must consider before they can employ them legally. Hence, they are assured that they will have an edge over other players if they can apply the chess moves efficiently.

The En Passant move is a distinct move in chess that allow players to capture an opposing piece in a special manner. The En Passant move is also known to some chess players as the pass pawn move. It is important that players have knowledge about the basic moves of the pawn because this move is based on the piece's legal moves.

This special move allows the pawn of a player to take an opposing pawn in an unusual way. The move applies when the pawn of a player is positioned in a square in the outer rank of the opponent's side of the board and an opposing pawn advances two squares which causes the second pawn to be positioned beside the other pawn. When this situation occurs, the pawn will capture the opposing pawn. The remaining pawn will then be positioned behind the square where the opposing pawn was captured.

Based on the experiences of professionals, this move will help players have an advantageous position in the game. On the other end, if players do not have knowledge about the En Passant move and it was performed by their opponent, they will be the ones who will have lesser chance of winning.

Knowing how the move is done and when the move applies in a game is important to those who want to participate in chess games that will help them be prominent and popular in this particular sport. Above all, the En Passant move will affect the outcome of a game so players are encouraged to learn how it is done to avoid confusions as well as use it to their vantage.

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