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How Do Chess Knights Move?

The power of a particular chess piece is determined by knowing its legal moves. This is the reason why professionals advise new chess players to first discover the basic moves of each piece in the game before they attempt to play against professionals. Playing the game without sufficient idea about the essential moves to be made in chess will only affect the performance of players. It may be seen by their opponents as a weakness and other players may take advantage of it.

Like the bishops in chess, knights are considered as pieces in chess that has moderate strengths. Bishops and knights are important in middle games wherein capturing of pieces is usually observed. Knights are very effective pieces when a player wants to trap a rook and at the same time check the king. In middle games, knights are very helpful to successfully employ some of the best offensive tactics.

In opening games, knights are also useful to prevent opponents to apply the four move checkmate. These pieces are important to protect the king from attacks and threats by blocking the path of opposing pieces. Hence, many players prefer knights more than other minor chess pieces like bishops.

To enhance our knowledge about the value of knights in a chess game, let us first explore how chess knights move. Knights are the only pieces in chess which are capable of leaping over other chess pieces. When moving these pieces, players must follow an L-shape. Players can move the knights two spaces horizontally and a single space vertically or two spaces vertically and a single space horizontally.

According to studies conducted by chess experts and analysts, chess knights are the pieces in the game which move has not been changed or modified since the game was popularized in the 17th century A.D. Players can maximize the strengths of their knights if they will place them at the center of the chess board. Aside from pawns, knights are the other pieces that can make the first move in chess games.

The usefulness of knights in end games will be observed with the help of either a queen or a rook. With the presence of these pieces, players will have a great advantage over their opponents. Many chess strategies use knights, which only prove that it is really necessary that players learn the basic moves of these pieces to establish a strong and advantageous position even at the early stage of the game.

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