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Informative Books That Focus on the Various Moves in Chess

Chess books are proven by experienced players as helpful to their careers. With the use of the books, they find the game more exciting and enticing to play. Chess books come in different styles. Some of the books are written in the most traditional way while there are chess books that use algebraic notations in discussing the most effective moves to be employed or performed in the game.

Beginners who want to use chess books as references for learning the basic moves in chess are advised to read books that do not use algebraic notations. In this manner, they will not be bored and they will understand the moves easily. To advanced players, they must read chess books that use algebraic notations to enhance their knowledge about the official way of writing the different chess moves.

There are several books commonly suggested or recommended by experienced chess players to beginners. These include the books entitled "Bobby Fischer's Outrageous Chess Moves: A Study of 101 Outrageous Moves By the Greatest Chess Champion of All Time," and "Chess: From First Moves to Checkmate."

The first book is written by Bruce Pandolfini. Many players have purchased and read this book since it is not boring and the subject that the author covered are helpful to improve their knowledge about the effective and winning chess moves. The chess moves discussed in the book are those that are performed by international chess grandmasters and champions. Some of the moves covered in this reading are proven to help other players win their games.

On the other hand, the second book is also helpful to players since it contains chess moves that can be employed in opening, middle and end games. It is highly recommended to beginners who are having problems with the moves that they use in the different stages of the game. By reading the book, they can easily defeat their opponents. According to those who have read it, it contains other information that will truly assist new players when they play the game in formal settings.

There are other instructional books that will surely help beginners be knowledgeable and informed about the chess moves that they can use to defeat other players. They can look at summaries and reviews of these books at Web sites that aim to cater the needs of new chess players. By doing so, players will be more assured that the books that they will purchase contain the information that they need.

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