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Learning the Powerful Moves of Chess Queens

As known to many chess players, the chess queen is the strongest piece in chess. Most professionals are able to maximize the powers of the queen and use this piece to their advantage. Some of the winning moves in chess make use of the queen so it is important that players know the basic moves of chess queens to know how the piece will help them beat other players.

Players start a game of chess with only one queen but it is possible that they have more than one queen at the latter stage of the game if they can advance a pawn to the outer rank of their opponents. When the game was developed, chess queens are not that powerful. The modifications in the strengths of the chess queen are only implemented in the 15th century by European chess players.

Players cannot apply the strategies and tactics that use the chess queen if they do not have a background on the basic moves of this piece. The powers of the chess queen can be easily assessed by players if they know how the chess piece moves in the game. The queens are capable of controlling several squares in the chess board which made it more powerful than other pieces.

Chess queens can cover a lot of space in the chess board since their moves are basically the combination of the moves of the rook and the bishop. They can move horizontally, vertically and diagonally. However, chess queens are forbidden to jump over a chess piece but they can capture the piece and stay in the square where the captured piece is placed.

Having a background on the basic moves of chess queens will help players win in the game. Players can now apply different chess strategies and they can easily initiate attacks against their opponents. They can also establish strong offensive moves in the game if they already know how the chess queen moves.

It is true that the presence of chess queens in games will help players win a game. However, they must also know that attacking the opponent's pieces with their queen alone is risky. They should always assign other pieces that are capable of supporting the attacks initiated by the queen. If players fail to provide support for the piece, it is highly possible that the queen be captivated by their opponents. Hence, losing the queen in the early stage of the game will put a player in a disadvantageous position. So, they must know how to value and protect the most powerful piece in chess.

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