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The Advantageous Moves of Pawns in Chess

Recognized by gaming authorities and sports committees as a game that portrays the actual settings in warfare, chess requires players to be strategic and observant when they play it in formal gatherings. The ability of players to predict or analyze a particular set of rules is important to be more assured and confident that they will have a good chance of defeating their opponents. It is also necessary that players first learn the basic moves that can be made by each piece to successfully employ the strategies that they plan to use.

Pawns may be seen by other players as weak pieces in chess. However, if we will have a closer look on its capabilities, pawns are important to the defense system of a player. The power of pawns can be observed if they are put into small groups. At end games, pawns are also significant to secure the king in a safer position. Pawns also have the chance to be promoted to queens in end games given that the pieces have reached the eighth rank.

What are the legal moves of pawns? This is one of the questions commonly asked by new players since these pieces are also used by some players to initiate attacks in opening games. The moves of pawns are easy to learn and understand so amateur chess players will not have a hard time following and applying them.

Moving forward is the only direction that pawns go to. Pawns are allowed to advance two squares for their initial move. However, for their succeeding moves, pawns can only advance one square at a time. If a player wishes to capture another piece with the pawn, they must be sure that the piece to be taken is placed diagonally in front of the pawn. Pawns are not allowed to take or capture pieces directly in front of them unless the En Passant move is applicable.

Thinking that pawns are not powerful pieces in chess is a wrong notion among inexperienced players. By knowing the legal moves that pawns can make, players will have the chance to maximize the strengths of these pieces. Players are assured that if they know the moves of pawns they will be more confident when it comes to applying strategies that use these pieces. Above all, knowing the basic moves of pawns will give new and intermediate players a fair chance if they get a chance to play the game against other chess players.

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