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The Basic Moves of Bishops in Chess

Chess professionals and experts see knights and bishops as minor pieces in the board game. Even if they are considered as minor pieces it is still not proper to underestimate the power or strengths of these pieces. Knights and bishops are both important in middle games where attacks usually happen in chess games. In some instances, players will see bishops as more reliable than knights since these pieces are capable of covering a lot of space in the board.

Bishop is a strong piece in chess. The significance of bishop is not just observed in middle games but also in the opening and end games. This particular piece plays an essential role when players want to apply the four move checkmate which is usually done at the early part of the game. Bishops are also needed to support the rook and other powerful pieces to trap the king and capture several pawns in end games.

The moves of bishops are not limited when players talk about distance. However, these pieces can only move diagonally. Unlike the chess knights, chess bishops are not permitted to leap over other pieces. They can take other pieces that are placed in the square that players plan to occupy.

Each player has two bishops, one positioned in a dark square and the other positioned in a light square. There are situations in chess games wherein players sacrifice one of their bishops to gain an advantage over their opponents. A bishop without a match at the opposing side is called by chess players as an unopposed bishop. Based on the experiences of professionals, an unopposed bishop is powerful. Its strengths are usually manifested in end games.

According to chess experts, whenever one of the bishops is captured by their opponent, they should position some of their pawns in squares that the other bishop cannot occupy. For example, if the remaining bishop is positioned in the light square, then the pawns of the player must be placed in dark squares to balance offense and defense in the game.

Even if bishop is not as strong as the rook and the queen, it is also essential to place checks and sometimes trap the king. Bishop is also a significant piece when players plan to pin a particular opposing piece. With this in mind, players are advised by experts to spend time learning the moves of bishops to know how to take advantage of these pieces.

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