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The Best Opening Chess Moves

Known as a board game that combines strategies, techniques and tactics, chess is a sport that has discovered many talented and skilled players. This sport is not limited to adults and intelligent people. It can also be played by children and young people who are determined to explore the various aspects of the game.

The first thing that players should know if they are interested to be successful in chess is to learn the legal moves that they can make in the game. It is risky to play the game with other players if they do not have a background about the different moves and stages in a chess game. Having knowledge about the best moves to make in each stage is crucial to the success of players.

The opening, middle and end games are the three phases in chess games. It is helpful that players learn the best moves that they can make in every phase. Beginners should know the best opening moves to use in chess games since their position in middle and end games will be influenced by their opening moves.

According to studies conducted by some chess analysts and experts, there are effective opening moves that can be easily learned by beginners. The Ruy Lopez, the Giuoco Piano and the Sicilian Defense are some of the opening moves that are popularized by chess professionals and grandmasters.

The basic moves in the Ruy Lopez opening are as follows: the white king's pawn moves to e4 followed by the black king's pawn to e5; the white knight moves to f3 and the black knight moves to c6; the white bishop moves to b5. The first two moves in the Ruy Lopez opening are similar with the Giuoco Piano, however the third move of each player will be the white bishop to c4 and the black bishop to c5.

The Sicilian defense is very popular in major tournaments. Hence, different variations about this opening game have been developed and the most famous of all is known as the dragon variation. The first two moves in this variation are as follows: the white king's pawn to e4 and the black queen's pawn to c5; the white knight to f3 and the black pawn to d6.

These are just few of the best opening moves that can be used in chess games. It is important that players learn and memorize the moves to be ensured that they will have a good position in middle games and end games. After learning these opening moves, beginners are advised to look for other opening moves that they can use in chess games participated by intermediate and advanced players.

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